Indianapolis homeowners seek outdoor oasis


This home is nestled in a woodland setting with an inviting entrance from the street greeted by architectural features and plantings within a courtyard-like setting. The client was starting a family and wanted to add a swimming pool, spa, outdoor grill and basketball goal to the landscape. They wanted to relocate the waterfall, reusing the materials. Along with these additions, the client wanted to freshen up the landscaping adding more flowering trees, shrubs, and perennials.


  • Existing drainage easement that extends across the back yard.
  • Low lying areas along the forest edge and neighboring property that cause standing water.
  • Limited space in backyard.


  • We installed a dry creek bed within the forest to direct storm water runoff away from the property.
  • We designed the swimming pool, spa, and outdoor grill to accommodate the limited space, while maximizing the useable space close to the home.


The swimming pool was placed close to the forest edge, far enough away to prevent leaf litter in the pool. We relocated the waterfall to be tucked into the forest edge and placed to be viewed best form the master bedroom window. The basketball goal was placed in the backyard, separated from the other features by use of landscape barriers, such as fencing and evergreen plantings.

The overall design economizes the space, tying together all the features with natural stone walls and caps, columns, planters, decorative pavers, and landscaping.